Lasotell Follow-the-sun animation: spinning planet Editing

So, it is 9:00 at night your time and you want to go home but can't?

Why not – too much editing to do and not enough time??

Depending on your time zone, our Lasotell offices may be open when you are normally dreaming. So why not let your work follow-the-sun?

Next time you know there is a job that needs more hours than you and your staff can do sensibly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Maybe we can help you.  For example, apart from document writing and editing skills, we have direct access to people with specialist knowledge in areas such as:

  • General medicine
  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Physiology
  • Defence
  • Project Management
  • Service Delivery
  • Quality Management.

Preparing to Follow-the-Sun

We need to discuss the following topics to prepare to follow-the-sun:

  • What is your deadline or your delivery date to your customer?  Follow-the-sun editing does not work if you are in near-panic, panic or hero modes (you know what we mean!).
  • The process works to its best advantage if we can have a phone conversation at each handover point. Do you have a schedule that will allow this to happen at sensible hours?
  • Are you using Word and Templates?
  • Are you receiving input from others, sending your files elsewhere for final publication or working alone?
  • Are graphics involved? Who is preparing them and which package? Can they be inserted late in the process?
  • Do you use a document management system or rely on file names and directory structure?
  • Do you use a file sharing service such as Dropbox?
  • What level of editing assistance do you require:
    • Level 1: gross deficiencies corrected. Spell check. Quick read and review (for obvious logic flaws and disconnects in the presentation)?
    • Level 2: amend text to your style as required. No detailed structural changes. Spell check. Review (as above)?
    • Level 3: create text from inputs supplied and accommodate as much of your style as possible. If problems arise, make best assumptions and highlight the text. Review. Spell check. Proof-read?
    • Level 4: plan and create original text with research as required. Review. Spell check. Proof read. Read aloud?
  • Agree a schedule for invoicing and payments (via PayPal).

Successful Follow-the-sun sessions depend on regular communication. So, we have one rule for safeguarding your costs: If there is no contact of any kind between us within 72 hours of a scheduled meeting time, we risk not knowing what is going on. So to avoid doing work you might not need, we will stop work at 72 hours and wait to for up to ten full days from the missed scheduled meeting. If there is no contact of any kind between us by that time, we will assume you no longer need our services. We will send an invoice for any unbilled work and move on to our next job.

Measurable Benefits of Follow-the-sun editing

You sleep, we work; we sleep, you work.


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