Lasotell Graphics Production

Can you state in one word why you should avoid cutting and pasting PowerPoint drawings into major documents? Maintenance!

PowerPoint pictures cut and pasted into Word files cause all kinds of maintenance issues for the uninitiated.  Most noticeably, the graphics move around in what seems to be unexpected and unpredictable ways.  As more and more graphics are added using the simple cut and paste approach, the harder the maintenance task.  If the document is not important, then there probably won't be any maintenance issues.  

One step for reducing your maintenance load, is to find the Edit Paste Special command in your version of Word.  When you want to copy and paste a diagram from PowerPoint or Visio, select and copy the diagram.  Then click on Edit Paste Special.  Select either Picture (JPEG) or Picture (PNG).  These types of pastes are easier to manage.

Large or important documents that have to be maintained into the future should be treated differently.  A technical communicator and graphics person, depending on the number of graphics and complexity, are the best choice.

Lasotell works with Chrysalis Design when a graphics person is needed on a job.  They work with standard PC packages to illustrate all kinds of documents and have excellent final document production skills.

For example, a standard operational approach is for Lasotell staff to provide a user-friendly template for Word to let  technical staff to focus on content and not format. Lasotell staff work directly with the technical people to either write the material on their behalf or to edit the technical person's drafts. During this phase, the graphics people work from pencil sketches (even on napkins!) to produce full colour, fast printing, easy to maintain graphics. As the cycle of writing and editing comes to its close, the graphics people can often start and sometimes oversee the final print run.

Measurable Benefits

Large or important documents will have a consistent look and feel throughout.

The drawings will be legible when printed on a black and white printer and, similarly, will usually photocopy at an acceptable standard.

Lasotell Graphics Skills and Functions

  • Graphic design
  • Form design
  • Technical illustration
  • HMI graphics
  • PowerPoint production, enhancement, standardisation, templates
  • Visio production, enhancement, standardisation, templates
  • Graphics and bitmap editing packages, such as Corel, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Pre-production preparation
  • Publication
  • CD archiving.

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