We lie.  It is really produce and Deliver.

The produce part of the procedure is easy: create > proof >  edit > review > revise.  

Create because our documentation product may not be a written document.  We keep going around this loop as often as the project plan allows.  Deliver follows after that. 

  To deliver we need to know (and should already know):

  • To whom?
  • What is the handover process"
  • What support is needed?
  • When is the next version due?

 What is the most important project document "delivery" that is seldom delivered?

Lessons Learned Report.

If we take the time to ask ourselves a few important questions and keep the answers, we will learn from our history:

  • Was our duration estimate right or wrong?  Why?
  • Was our degree of difficulty estimate right or wrong?  Why?
  • What was our average time/page?
  • What went well?  Why?
  • What went badly?  Why?
  • What method or procedure changes could we make?  Why?

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