Lasotell Tender and Specification Preparation Services

Tender and Specification Preparation includes:

For tender/specification documents to be successful, the people preparing them need to mark, learn and inwardly digest the following principles:

With these principles in mind, preparing the document content is easier. And they help with the task of preparing the document itself – there is less rewriting after each review.

Measurable Benefits of Proper Tender and Specification Preparation

If you can apply these principles correctly, (and it takes a little time and practice to learn to do so consistently), you will write documents that are easy to understand. This means you will receive better solutions and better prices.

The clarity of the document, combined with the unique requirement identifier, results in easier to evaluate response documents and easier to check deliverables. This makes the process more efficient, and quicker because there is less time spent on dealing with ambiguities, which translates into significant cost savings.

Lasotell Tender and Specification Preparation Skills